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We manufacture our own high quality concrete wall materials with moulds and we erect concrete walls in the greater Pretoria and Bronkhorstspruit area.

What We Do

Because of our years of experience, first-hand knowledge and great success, we are confident that our concrete wall products, erected concrete walls and steel palisade fences will last our customers a very long time.

We manufacture and provide high quality concrete wall solutions.

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Learn more about us and our precast concrete wall products and services.

What We Are About

What We Are About Family Man Concrete Walls is based in Pretoria, Gauteng and we erect concrete walls is the greater Pretoria and Bronkhorstspruit area. We specialize in a wide variety [...]

Concrete Walls

Concrete Walls Precast concrete foundation and wall panels can take many forms. Some consist of steel-reinforced concrete ribs that run vertically and horizontally within the panels. O [...]

Precast Concrete Walls versus Poured Concrete Walls

Precast Concrete Walls versus Poured Concrete Walls Precast concrete walls have been used in commercial building projects for years and are now being used more often in residential pro [...]